The Band

Jimmy Tiberia- Bass Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I moved to Phoenix in 1980.  I’ve been playing in the Valley since 1983.  Special thanks to my Dad “Tib” who played the stand-up bass for his own 3-piece combo and my brother Tom who followed suit with the electric bass.  The bass is in my blood!  Ecstatic to be playing my favorite music with a great group of friends.  Thank you Sir Paul McCartney for your melodic style and to my wife Cathy for her continued support of my passion and hobby.

Mark Tennant - Guitar, Synth and Vocals

Moved to Phoenix in 1959 from Zanesville, OH. Many musical people in my family, including my mom, who is a vocalist.  Originally inspired to play guitar by listening to the The Beatles.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to play some of my favorite music with Jim, Karl and Larry, who have the same vision and love for this music.